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Motorcycle endorsement class

State Motorcycle Training
Tampa/Riverview and St Petersburg

Best Motorcycle Endorsement Class Near You.

State motorcycle training Basic Rider Course (BRC): State Motorcycle Training Provides Basic rider course endorsement Class (BRC).We are Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP) contracted and Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) certified. No further test required at the DMV.

Registration includes both days!

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) in Florida is an invaluable training program tailored to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required for safe motorcycle operation on the state's roads. Specifically designed to meet Florida's unique riding environment and regulations, the Motorcycle Endorsement Class covers a comprehensive range of topics, including basic riding techniques, traffic laws, and defensive driving strategies. One compelling reason to enroll in the BRC Motorcycle Endorsement Class in Florida is to obtain the Motorcycle Endorsement Class (MEC) designation. This endorsement is a legal requirement for operating a motorcycle on public roads within the state of Florida. By successfully completing our rider training BRC program, participants not only enhance their riding abilities but also fulfill the mandatory training criteria to obtain the Motorcycle Endorsement Class MEC. This endorsement signifies that a rider has undergone formal training and possesses the skills necessary to navigate Florida's roads safely. Furthermore, the BRC provides hands-on experience and expert instruction, ensuring that riders are well-prepared to handle various riding scenarios and challenges they may encounter on the road. Thus, taking the BRC in Florida is not only a practical step towards becoming a skilled and responsible motorcyclist but also a legal necessity for obtaining the Motorcycle Endorsement Class, ultimately promoting safer riding practices and enhancing overall road safety in the state.

For students under 18 years old will require parents signature on the waiver form

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